Various scripts for Blender and Maya using Python or Mel
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A Blender Python script for making exporting more intuitive. On Gumroad.

Trim Mapper
A Maya Python script that quickly maps UVs to trims. It allows user created presets for trim texture layouts. On Gumroad.
Vertex Color Assign Tool
A Maya python script for assiging vertex colors with various options. On Gumroad.
Renaming Tool
A Maya python script for renaming objects. On Gumroad.
Transform Tool
A Maya mel script for setting and adjusting transforms. On Gumroad.
Modular Toolkit
A Maya mel script that provides instancing like functions and tagging options. On Gumroad.
Noise Tool
A simple Maya mel script for adding noise to geometry. On Gumroad.
Vertex Color Transfer Tool
A Maya python script for transfering vertex colors between meshes, built primarily for use with Unreal Engine. On Gumroad.

Small Scripts
A collection of free scripts and snippets.
Free for commercial or personal use.

Duplicate - Download
A Maya python script that will cleanly duplicate selected objects or components (depending on context).
Combine - Download
A Maya mel script that will combine objects without leaving empty groups. It also preserves position in the heirarchy and the pivot of the first selected object.